Founded in Paris in 2008 by three brothers, French clothing brand The Kooples has expanded from 5 boutiques to over 100 in France, via London and New York to a global presence in 21 countries and 1000 employees. Its relaxed, wearable line combines tailoring with sports casual looks for men and women, inspired by iconic British style.


Grow the international sales

The Kooples launched its online presence in 2010 with a basic website. Over the next few years, the site evolved to include real-time stock management, ship and shop and more. In 2014, a complete refresh had become inevitable.

The CEO set the web team a challenge: to reduce the service cost of their previous PSP, while also futureproofing their payment process for the brand’s global expansion strategy. A payment solution that would handle all global currencies and local payment methods would put them in an excellent position for years to come.

Make the online refund easier

The brand’s online refund process was manual and time-consuming, as it was managed on a different platform. The team wanted a more powerful full-service payment solution that could handle orders, payments, customer data and refunds in one single system.

“We were asking ourselves – how could we make it simpler to process payments and refunds? How could we make it easier for our global customers to pay? Could we achieve the impossible – reduce the cost of payment processing while improving the features and services available to us?” recalls Nam Tran.


Intuitive and easy to use platforme

The Kooples selected HiPay as their PSP, and also opted to add HiPay’s powerful anti-fraud module. In HiPay Sentinel, The Kooples had found a way to automatically identify suspicious transactions based on a risk-scoring algorithm: Smart Decision.

HiPay did not just offer this technology, but also its expertise: Sentinel’s artificial intelligence scores transactions in order to reduce the need for human decision-making, and then a team of skilled risk analysts takes responsibility for reviewing the small number of flagged transactions.

The Kooples staff have a dashboard where they can view orders, handle refunds and access customer order history.


Using AI and HiPay expertise to save time

HiPay Sentinel was an attractive package for The Kooples as it was supplied as a plug-and-play solution. With minimal setup and programming, it was up and running in less than a week – and because it’s an outsourced solution handled by HiPay’s risk experts, it frees up The Kooples staff to do what they do best.

Chargebacks are easier than ever

Now, three team members are able to handle refunds, and the reimbursement process is a simple one-click operation, saving the team valuable time and avoiding the risk of error when making bank transfers.

An intuitive dashboard

Staff can be given a variety of different profiles in the back end dashboard, allowing visibility and transparency. This means everyone, from the commercial team to the customer service team, can get the data they need for their reporting, account handling, and target setting. The platform is simple and intuitive – well designed for everyone to use it.

Customers love the HiPay payment flow

The brand has seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction since the solution was implemented, and it credits HiPay’s wide variety of payment and currency options, combined with the seamlessly branded user journey. A recent visitor questionnaire at the end of the checkout flow showed an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82% – an unusually high figure for an online retailer.

Continuing to grow from strength to strength

The customer-centric approach appears to be paying off for the Kooples. In the past year they have tripled their Instagram followers and increased their online revenue by 20%. The next target for online expansion is Australia and New Zealand.

“The market is changing. We’re shifting from product marketing to customer marketing. Now, our challenges are about getting more value from the data we have in order to target customers better, boost engagement and loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue.”

Nam Tran, Head of Clients Experience