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Alltricks grows with the launch of its marketplace

Launched in 2008, Alltricks sells sporting goods online. The fast-growing brand owes much of its recent growth to the launch of its marketplace, a first in the sector.


Covering the European market, Alltricks generated €56 million in revenue in 2017: a substantial part of this niche sector. HiPay worked closely with the brand to design, deploy and manage a solution that now enables the e-tailer to generate €5 million in additional revenue per year.


The brand's challenges were therefore to:

  • Bringing together multiple brands on a single platform
  • Generate continued growth through a new business model
  • Find an experienced partner who can implement, manage and support the transition of this project from their previous Payment Service Provider (PSP).


    At the time of the release of this project, Alltricks had about 20 sellers and 2000 products.


    To launch their marketplace, the following solutions were found:

    • Simplify the payment of sales to individual merchants
    • Delegate this process entirely to HiPay for greater efficiency
    • Enable international brands and retailers who do not have a BtoC e-commerce site, but also small sellers whose budget does not allow them to reach a large online audience, to distribute their products.


      After several years of setting up their marketplace, Alltricks has seen several benefits from this project:

      • Better customer experience with better service and quality products
      • Significant time savings through self-management features
      • Increased revenue


      « Today we are seeing an increase in our monthly revenues from 300,000 to 400,000 euros, thanks to our marketplace managed by HiPay, which represents approximately 5 million euros in additional annual revenues ». - Stéphane Rosi.