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De Neuville selects HiPay to deploy click-and-collect in its franchise network

The brand, which originated from a traditional chocolate factory and is based on French savoir-faire, grew quickly and opened its first stores in 1988. Today, the franchise network has 150 stores, 90% of which are franchised, spread throughout France.


Deploy click-and-collect to franchisees: Because of their activity as chocolate makers, De Neuville stores are exposed to strong seasonality. In this context, the franchisor wanted to provide its franchisees with a click-and-collect solution, easy to use, in order to meet the new uses of its customers. All this before Christmas: a key period for the sector!


Manage each franchisee's payouts simply: The configuration of a franchise network can vary from one brand to another. In the De Neuville network, each franchisee is autonomous in choosing its bank and contracting with it. This type of model makes multi-account management of the network necessary when it comes to unified commerce. Indeed, if an e-commerce sale is attributed to a specific point of sale, and thus to a specific franchisee, the payment must be made on the account of this franchisee.


Benefit from the support of payment experts: Payment is a crucial step in the purchasing path, as well as a strong conversion lever. In order to understand this complex environment, both technically and in terms of regulations, and which is evolving extremely rapidly, it is essential to be accompanied by experts.


    Unified Commerce: multiple scenarios to improve customer experience: Since 2018, HiPay has been providing its customers with many scenarios with a sales channel unification strategy: web-to-store, store-to-web, queue boosting, etc. These are increasingly appreciated by consumers. 

    In the case of click-and-collect, our latest barometer of Unified Commerce, co-conducted with LSA in September 2021, indicated that: 83% of French people know about click-and-collect, 44% of French people have already used it, 41% of merchants declare that they are working on click-and-collect (+16 points compared to 2020). De Neuville has joined this dynamic by choosing HiPay to deploy click-and-collect within its franchise network.


    Flow management designed for franchise networks: multi-accounts: HiPay's payment solution has been designed to meet the needs of merchants, which may differ depending on their model: pure player, marketplace, network of owned or franchised stores etc. In case of franchise networks and click-and-collect, HiPay pays each franchisee directly on his account. In addition to the payouts, HiPay optimizes the performance management by providing the franchisor and the franchisees with many KPIs through HiPay CONSOLE.


      Uniting and supporting a network: The implementation of HiPay's click-and-collect solution has enabled De Neuville to offer an additional service to its franchisees. Thanks to this feature, franchisees have the opportunity to reach more consumers through the brand's e-commerce website. De Neuville's and HiPay's joint efforts have resulted in the deployment of click-and-collect in more than seventy brand's points of sale before the crucial holiday season. Finally, the different teams have received training to understand this new scenario.

      Outsourced expertise: By choosing HiPay, De Neuville benefits from a dedicated support. Since the launch, De Neuville's teams have had regular contacts with the various HiPay experts to facilitate the technical integration of the solution. Thanks to its large network of partners, HiPay already had a connector with the brand's CMS: Prestashop, as well as with its order orchestration solution: So Cloz. Throughout the relationship, an Account Manager and a Technical Account Manager support the brand in daily operational management of payments but also in its longer term strategy.

      A long-term partner: In order to maximize the benefits of this implementation, De Neuville and HiPay are already thinking about optimizing other sales channels of the brand, especially e-commerce.