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How Wheelup boosted its e-commerce sales with HiPay

Wheelup is an Italian retail chain specialising in the distribution of motorbike clothing, helmets and accessories. Present on the market for over 20 years, it now has 50 shops distributed in 14 regions and an e-commerce site.


Over the past 10 years, Wheelup has worked on the creation and development of new proprietary motorbike apparel brands to differentiate itself from the major players in the market. Today, its unique and exclusive offer includes its own products, designed in its offices in Vicenza, Italy, alongside the most famous international brands.

The Wheelup branded shop chain has also focused on offering omnichannel services for a seamless online and in-store shopping experience.

Managing its e-commerce site in-house with a cost-effective solution

Between 2018 and 2019, when Wheelup decided to manage its e-commerce site in-house, the company was looking for the best payment partner to guide and support it in this new venture.

«Wheelup chose HiPay for several reasons: the range of payment methods offered, the availability of its technical and commercial teams to handle our requests, the easy integration of the modules into our new ecosystem and for its competitive prices. After four years of collaboration, I can say that HiPay was and is the most suitable solution for our reality.» 
Alessandro Missaglia, E-commerce and Special Project Manager at Wheelup


    Gaining a certain autonomy

    Before starting this project 4 years ago, Wheelup was working with an agency to manage its online shop. 

    Since then, following the company's decision to administer it in-house, there was a scouting phase in which Wheelup compared HiPay with other PSPs that were and still are on the market. 

    In the end, Wheelup chose HiPay because of the quality of its services and competitive prices.

    «Starting in August 2022, we started working on Wheelup's new eCommerce portal that will go live in early Q2 2023 and among the partnerships re-evaluated was the one with Hipay. After further analysis and comparisons between the best PSPs active on the market, we chose to go ahead with HiPay thanks to the improvements they were able to make to their web tools, but also because compared to the competition, including larger companies, HiPay offers us an all-in-one solution, with great added value and dedicated support.» Alessandro Missaglia


      "We have definitely seen improvements. Compared to what Hipay offered a few years ago, the payment solution and tools provided are more reliable, with better transaction controls and higher authorisation rates. The user experience on the payment page has also been improved thanks to the optimisation of the UX, which was previously one of the improvable aspects of the Hipay solution. After the transition to PSD2, which brought some challenges, our conversion rates improved significantly."

      This is why Wheelup has decided to renew its partnership with HiPay for its new e-commerce.

      "With its comprehensive offer of payment methods, its focus on new technologies, continuous optimisation of interfaces and partner requirements, we are convinced that HiPay will help us to improve the experience offered to our customers and thus grow our new online store. In the future, we do not exclude that we will be able to take advantage of the omnichannel services that Hipay is implementing in Italy and thus be able to bring the solution to our physical shops as well" concludes the E-commerce and Special Project Manager.