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FAUCHON accelerates its digitalisation

FAUCHON selects HiPay to support its new digital strategy and begins its transformation through e-commerce.


FAUCHON has been the specialist in luxury French gastronomy throughout the world since 1886. The company offers a sensory and personalised experience in all its product categories: delicatessen, cellar, pastry, tea, chocolate and gifts. Combining the elegance of its designs, the finesse of its recipes and its ancestral know-how in the composition of gift boxes, FAUCHON is the reference for refined and gourmet gifts. The brand has nearly 70 points of sale around the world, and an e-commerce site.

The year 2020 was full of challenges for FAUCHON

Internally, the company has changed its business model after 134 years of existence to move away from the traditional flagships stores and reorganise its teams. The objective is twofold: to accelerate digital development, and to open smaller shops to extend FAUCHON's physical presence across the territories from the end of 2021. 

Externally, FAUCHON was impacted by two events. The first was the shutdown of Magento 1, which led the company to overhaul its website and change its PSP. The second was of course the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought e-commerce to the forefront... just when FAUCHON needed to redesign its e-shop. 

FAUCHON therefore had to quickly find a new PSP capable of helping it meet these challenges, but also of accompanying it in the new chapter of its adventure.


    Several solutions have therefore emerged to meet these challenges:

    • Offer a payment environment that is perfectly integrated with the rest of the site for an optimal customer experience
      Take advantage of the HiPay Sentinel fraud solution for the e-commerce site


    "With HiPay Sentinel, we were able to set up specific fraud profiles per product, which improved our protection without depreciating our conversion" says Pauline Lamare, Digital Manager.


    • Implement international payment methods to meet the expectations of all their customers
    • Facilitate the financial reconciliation of the company


      After the support of the company, results were quickly seen:

      • The recruitment of new customers: +80% on sales via its website between November 2020 and April 2021!
      • A more efficient e-shop: +6 points on the authorization rate since the launch of the HiPay solution in November 2020.
      • A real productivity gain for the retailer thanks to the automation and intelligence of HiPay tools.
      • Personalized support:

      "The support provided by the HiPay teams on a daily basis is very pleasant. Our contacts are present and answer all our questions. This allowed for a quick onboarding just before the start of the Christmas sales, a highly strategic period for FAUCHON. We are also preparing the future of FAUCHON's points of sale by talking to HiPay, with the aim of implementing a unified commerce experience soon."