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Promod develops its e-commerce in Eastern Europe

Promod, a French ready-to-wear retailer, has implemented the HiPay Fullservice solution to geographically expand its online sales activity and address these new markets with local payment solutions and foreign currency payments

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After several years of in-store presence, Promod, a French ready-to-wear brand, has decided to expand its online sales activity. As this was a turning point for the company and a radical change in its business model, the fashion player wanted to be supported by HiPay. It was therefore necessary to develop an e-commerce site, which was then adapted to each country according to local consumer habits.


The brand's challenges were therefore to :

  • Responding to Polish payment habits, a growth market for investors. However, the latter have very specific habits regarding their online payment methods.
  • Specific fraud management, a major concern for e-tailers in Europe.


« We worked with the HiPay team to resolve this issue. Our need was clear: to accept the maximum number of orders while keeping our fraud rate as low as possible », confirms Sebastien Franquet.


    For the second fraud management need, the Fraud Protection Service tool developed by HiPay's R&D has both converted more transactions into actual sales and reduced the fraud rate.


    « The fight against fraud is particularly monitored at HiPay. Thanks to the combination of FPS and their Business Intelligence tool, we have realised that the analysis of our payment data is a significant growth lever. Identifying the origin of problems allows us to prevent them from happening again and has led to increased sales on various sites. »


      After only a short time, the results could be seen by Promod:

      Increased sales of the Polish site: implementation of Przelewy24 for payments, which is currently used for 79% of transactions on the site.


      « The implementation of this solution has increased the conversion rate in the country and placed the Polish site in the top 3 of the company's e-commerce sites! », highlights Sébastien Franquet. 


      On the strength of this success, the ready-to-wear website wanted to extend its partnership with HiPay to the Czech Republic, a country with similar problems to Poland. In less than three months, the solution was integrated into the Czech site.