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IC Intracom adapts to the latest trends in payment technology


IC Intracom is always in contact with the best developers of information technology. It is always and continuously engaged in the search for new suppliers, with the aim of having an offer that is up-to-date with current trends, both in terms of the products/services made available to the end user and in terms of the tools provided to its employees.


    The collaboration with HiPay has enabled the brand to expand the availability of payment methods offered in its e-commerce, as well as increasing the conversion rate, thanks to a better user experience and the platform's native anti-fraud tool - HiPay Sentinel - which blocks fraudulent transactions before they occur. 

    In addition, HiPay provides its own back office, in order to improve internal accounting flows, thus enabling the unambiguous, operational and financial management of transactions accepted by e-commerce, including the automatic financial reconciliation of these. 

    The tool is customisable, available from any device, and allows you to monitor the information most relevant to your role in the company.


      Today, IC Intracom has more time to follow up with customers in the delicate purchasing phase. It can respond quickly to their questions and be more responsive for refunds. 

      This new implementation has also improved internal management processes, allowing employees to save approximately 80% of the time they used to spend on financial data reconciliation, which, thanks to HiPay's back office, is now automated.

        Future objectives

        The formula for our success is a well-trained and dynamic team that is always up-to-date with new market trends. Since HiPay's solutions support local payments in more than 100 countries, there is ample room for expansion into other countries. 

        "We decided to rely on HiPay mainly because of its know-how in the field and the unambiguous handling of transactions thanks to its efficient back office. Another element that we believe makes the difference is the support of the team, which is always very helpful and accompanies you in all phases of onboarding." Marco Brun - General Manager of IC Intracom