A fraud-fighting risk management solution powered by machine learning technology.

HiPay Sentinel is an advanced anti-fraud solution natively available on our payment platform. With HiPay’s proprietary technology and machine learning algorithms, you can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they even happen.


Make the right choices, at the right time.

By using whitelists and Dynamic 3D Secure you will be able to activate and force 3DS only for high-risk transactions while not impacting the user experience of trusted customers.


Our Risk Team handles chargeback disputes with acquirers, letting your teams focus their time on other strategic projects.

Create and combine anti-fraud rules to fit your business

HiPay Sentinel gives you the power to leverage and combine an unlimited number of rules with more than 80 filters such as device fingerprint, custom data, payment data and customer lists.

Transactions are inspected and assessed in real time by assigning a score that can trigger a specific action when high risk activity is detected.

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machine learning

Smart Decision : No more manual reviews

Challenged transactions require further in-depth analysis, which is usually manually managed by your teams. This is time-consuming and prone to human error. Challenged transactions may have a real impact on your sales due to false positives and false negatives leading to less than optimal user experience.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Smart Decision brings fraud prevention to the next level with an immediate, automated analysis of all challenged transactions.

A self learning tool using machine learning algorithms.

The tool offers a real time evaluation of 1,000 parameters based on your payment data history with HiPay, behavior analyses and more than 150 statistical models to detect fraudulent transactions.

Optimize your resources

The real time risk evaluation provides an immediate and optimal decision on your challenged transactions – improving the customer experience while reducing the number of expired and pending transactions to 0.

Our experts are at your side

Our teams of data scientists and fraud experts keep creating scoring models and relevant fraud profiles across all industries to better detect fraudulent orders. They will help you to set up accurate rules and adjust them to perfectly match your business needs.


La Bécanerie

La Bécanerie, the equipment specialist for two-wheeled vehicles, minimized risks and maximized revenue by choosing HiPay Sentinel.

Take control of your payment strategy.