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HiPay supports the creator of event-based sales

Veepee, creator of event-based sales and pioneer of online stock clearance since 2001, has put its trust in HiPay to develop its Brandsplace (marketplace).


Founded by Jacques-Antoine Granjon in 2001, Veepee continues to offer around ten new sales every day to its 4.5 million unique visitors and is present in 10 countries, including France, its main market.

Veepee was looking for a trusted partner to help it develop its Brandsplace (the name given to its marketplace), an essential showcase for their brand to enable them to offer their customers a permanent range of products.

By choosing HiPay in 2017, Veepee benefits from its expertise in managing and optimising its marketplace (new payment methods, new scenarios, conversion optimisation, etc.), to offer both sellers and customers a simplified experience.


    HiPay offers a complete range of solutions to support Veepee on its Brandsplace:

    • Simplified funds management: with HiPay's third-party cash management solution, Veepee benefits from visibility over its transactions and smooth management of incoming and outgoing payments.


    • Multiple payment methods: Veepee has been able to use its Brandsplace to implement new payment methods to meet the needs of its consumers, in particular through digital wallets such as Apple Pay, or alternative methods to address its customers in Northern Europe.


    • Easier conversion: in addition to these two aspects, HiPay is enabling Veepee to offer its customers an improved experience, by simplifying authentication to provide a 'frictionless' checkout experience via the implementation of the acquirer TRA*.

    *Transaction Risk Analysis


      With the implementation of these solutions, Veepee has seen its performance increase. The retailer has gained between 3 and 4 conversion points thanks to the installation of the Acquirer TRA, and has seen up to 98% conversion with Apple Pay, which is the best-performing payment method on the market today.


      Veepee is already thinking about its future projects with HiPay :

      "We are in the process of rolling out our Brandsplace in Northern Europe, i.e. the Benelux market and Germany, after having deployed this offering in Spain and Italy last year and in France since 2017 with the support of HiPay, which is our trusted partner on the Brandsplace. We are also in the process of enhancing our range of payment methods with BNPL solutions, i.e. fractional payments, also across all our segments, both our main business, 'flash sales', i.e. event sales, but also Brandsplace and travel."
      explains Paul Guérin, Group Director of Treasury, Financing, Payment and Fraud at Veepee.