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Human at the service of performance

At HiPay, building strong relationships with our customers is at the core of our payment solutions


Augmented payments for augmented experiences

Solutions suited to your activity

With HiPay, benefit from a comprehensive offering in line with your ecosystem.

Always attentive to your needs, we adapt to your reality to provide you with unique solutions.

Customer satisfaction first and foremost

HiPay is much more than just a payment service provider. 

Truly forward-thinking, we offer you a unified commerce solution to fully meet your customers’ ever-evolving needs.

All our expertise at your service

Each and every one of our HiPayers is dedicated to help you throughout your projects for an augmented payment experience.

See the advantages of working with us

Human at the service of performance

At HiPay, we like challenges and continuously reinvent ourselves. 

That’s why we invest in our team members and give them great opportunities to grow and keep on honing their skills. 

Likewise, we make a point of building trust with our customers, based on strong relationships and accessibility. 


Because we are payment technology experts. But most importantly, we are at the service of performance above all.

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    Seize new growth opportunities

    We give you the means to better manage your business and thoroughly analyze your transactions to boost your performance.

    Cutting-edge technology to meet all your needs

    We offer you scalable and efficient solutions that are designed to adapt to your needs and reality.