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HiPay aims to build lasting relationships with all the key players in the payment ecosystem. Our goal: joining forces to ensure the success of our mutual customers.

Be part of a strong ecosystem

Ensuring the growth and success of our customers is at the core of our partnerships.

At HiPay, we focus on building a community of partners with a holistic approach to performance.

The payment ecosystem encompasses a wide range of players. Together, let’s aim higher through sustainable collaboration and knowledge sharing between our teams.

  • Workshops and meetings between teams

  • Combined expertise & solutions

  • Increased visibility

  • Assistance and advice

Grow your business

Boost your activity by partnering with HiPay.

Identify and seize new opportunities and markets now.

It’s that simple. Team up with the best players in the market.

Join our partner network

At HiPay, we offer a comprehensive payment solution to our customers by providing them with:

  • a powerful anti-fraud tool,
  • seamless purchasing journeys for unified commerce,
  • customized payment pages,
  • advanced analytics for deeper insights into their payment data.


From online to in-store payments, we rely on leading experts within our ecosystem.


Ready to join us?

  • A dedicated team

  • Expert partners

  • A close relationship