What is it?

If you want to secure payment data externally and give a personal touch to your payment page, in line with your graphic charter

Hosted Fields are the solution!

Hosted Fields meet all your needs when it comes to design and user experience, in addition to lessening PCI DSS validation requirements, as they are embedded in the HTML code of your payment page.

Therefore, all the sensitive data entered by your customers (card number, expiry date, card verification value…) are only hosted by HiPay.

This type of integration gives you the possibility to handle your payment experience while outsourcing some security obligations.

A solution that combines security with user experience

Hosted fields

Reduce your PCI DSS obligations

As the payment page fields containing sensitive data are hosted by HiPay, you benefit from a liability shift for their securing, thus making your PCI DSS validation requirements less demanding.

Hosted fields

Customize your payment page

With sensitive data being secured by HiPay, you just have to add Hosted Fields on your payment page.
Besides, this solution offers you the highest level of customization.

Hosted fields

Integrate Hosted Fields with ease

Thanks to the HiPay Enterprise JavaScript SDK, you can add Hosted Fields in no time! Our integration guide explains in detail the steps to follow. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why choose the Hosted Fields solution?

Simplify PCI DSS requirements

To become eligible for the easiest level of PCI DSS compliance (SAQ A), e-merchants must have their payment page fields externally hosted on a secure platform.
That’s why we have developed the Hosted Fields solution, which complies with all these criteria and allows our merchants to combine design with security.

Control the UX of your payment page

As a strategic point of the purchase funnel, the payment page impacts conversions.
With the Hosted Fields solution, only the input fields where customers enter sensitive information are hosted by HiPay. That way, you can design your payment page to match your graphic identity and optimize your conversion rate.

Activate new payment methods in one click

Integrating this solution enables you to instantly add new payment methods and quickly meet the needs of users. 220 payment methods are available to our merchants, and we are constantly adding new ones!

Take advantage of automatic updates

As it is hosted on our servers, the Hosted Fields solution allows you to get automatic updates in full transparency, without any action on your part.

Take control of your payment strategy