“All our mobile and e-payment transactions are managed through a single provider”


“Setting up payment solutions on our virtual goods stores and our merchandise e-store turned out to be quite complex. Until now, we were using several payment providers to offer the most adapted solutions to our buyers and players. HiPay has been handling our mobile transactions for more than 10 years and we have established mutual trust.
It seemed only natural to have all our mobile and e-payment transactions managed through a single provider.”

Head of Payments and Fraud at Ankama

The challenge

How to manage payments from more than 100 countries?

Ankama was looking for an affordable solution suitable for the expansion of its activities in France and abroad. The virtual goods and merchandise sold on the group’s online stores were challenging on several levels as they required multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-screen management all while fighting fraud efficiently.


With players from around the world, the audience of the online game publisher is really diverse. To maximize its development opportunities, Ankama had to offer the most adapted payment methods for each market, especially where bank cards are not the most popular solution.

By using several online payment providers to manage its e-payment flows for purchases and orders from more than 100 countries in 80 different currencies, financial reconciliation quickly became a real headache for Ankama’s financial team. Simplifying this task was a key challenge for the online game publisher.

Ankama also offers online games on multiple devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The prerequisite for selecting its payment partner was to offer its buyers and players a seamless payment experience, whatever the device used.


HiPay’s answer

A one-stop solution that meets challenges of international businesses


“Reducing fraud attacks on a global scale”

Ankama decided to centralize its payment management through a single provider: HiPay

HiPay is the ideal solution for the game publisher as it perfectly suits its global activities. With the support of HiPay’s payment experts, Ankama was able to customize their interface to operate with their own KPIs to manage their activities in more than 100 countries.

The online video game industry is significantly more prone to fraud than other sectors. This key issue needed to be thoroughly addressed. The goal of HiPay’s Risk Team was to guide Ankama in customizing its anti-fraud module to fight against a large number of fraud attacks on a global scale. Every day the online game publisher receives a detailed report enabling them to refine its filters and thus reduce fraud attempts without blocking real orders.

And finally thanks to the implementation of local solutions offered by HiPay, Ankama meets its customer’s expectations, regardless of the country.

Optimizing Ankama’s resources and increasing the transformation rate by more than 23%

Adding payment methods and modifying settings has never been so easy: the online game publisher remains in control and saves time in its daily operations.

Thanks to automated reconciliation, the financial team can now handle in one day tasks that used to take a week. Ankama is also pleased with the technical aspects of the platform including up-time and security.

“Ankama now relies on HiPay’s experts and can fully concentrate on its core activity: developing new options for our games and increasing our sales revenue.”

For an online game publisher, increasing the transformation rate is a priority but it can also be challenging as its audience can be hard to please because of varied age groups or different geographical locations. Ankama’s customers are sometimes very young and often do not have a bank account. Together, the online game publisher and HiPay have risen to the challenge and have increased conversion rates thanks to a more diverse payment offering.