A solution for POS payment, store-to-web and web-to-store.

HiPay Omnichannel allows you to evolve your strategy: instead of revolving around customer demands, put high-performance tools at the heart of your business.

Optimize and centralize stock management, make your pricing consistent, make payment easier and use data from all your payment channels.

A payment platform


HiPay is right by your side to help link your POS solution to your online business, either keeping your current fleet of terminals, or using terminals loaded with HiPay applications. These apps help you benefit fully from all our value-added services, like financial reconciliation and our decision-making tools, whatever the transaction’s origin.

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Enrich your user experience

An optimal customer experience now means running multiple kinds of sales channel within your retail store.

For example, you can enrich your retail offering while reducing the stock you hold instore by using interactive connected kiosks or tablets with access to your online catalog.

Tokenization also allows you to put in place other store-to-web strategies like 1-click payment and online refunds after an instore purchase.

Make life easier for your finance team

Financial reconciliation and automatic funds distribution to different banks make life simple for head office staff.

We’re here to help you set up an effective omnichannel strategy, powered by unified management of your cashflow, both online and instore.

Manage your activity in real time

At a glance, see all your KPIs consolidated by product line or location.

Set different access rights for different user types (accounts team, technical, admin, custom…)

Cross analysis of instore and online payments gives you more precise global decision-making data than ever.

Take control of your payment strategy