Global payment methods, end-to-end customizable fraud protection, industry-leading data and analytics, seamless omni-channel support and automated financial reconciliation.
Solutions for eVERY COMPANY

Expand your business internationally

Optimize your conversion rates with one integration to access a wide range of local and international payment methods so your customers can make purchases in their preferred currency and payment methods.
Over 100 currencies and 220 payment methods are available.



















Intelligent tools to fight against fraud

Customizable scoring combines payment rules, business rules, and customer data with machine learning and Dynamic 3D-Secure to grow revenue, protect against fraud, and avoid chargebacks


Save time

Fully integrated fraud protection with prebuilt rules to get you up and running quickly. Fine grained control allows you to build custom rules using your customer data and business rules for more advanced risk management.


An in-depth analysis of every transaction

Using machine learning and risk scoring, our tool assigns each transaction a risk score. The rating is determined by the analysis of a large number of combined parameters, including:
Origin of payment – Purchase frequency – Spending limit – Coherence checks – Purchasing behavior – Device fingerprint – Custom data


Set-up and Support

Our Risk Management team will be with you all the way to ensure that the most appropriate rules and outcomes are implemented to reflect your business.


HiPay Intelligence

Get actionable insights

HiPay Intelligence

It’s more than just a payment transaction. A comprehensive view of your online and in-store activities helps answer strategic questions about your business.

HiPay Intelligence offers more than 50 customizable dashboards and reports to help you easily understand and explore your payment data including in-depth transaction analysis, detailed fraud monitoring, optimal marketing operations, and a 360-degree view of your customers.

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Real-time view of performance

A dashboard designed to manage your business

Consolidated views of your operations to quickly review all key performance indicators.

Quick and easy access to all of your data in just a few clicks from a single dashboard: real-time monitoring of your activity, drill-down to view transaction details, fraud indicators, conversion rates, payment method usage and more.


dynamic payment page

Guarantee an optimal user experience

Our payment pages are fully customizable to reflect your business and style with out of the box support for 10 languages and responsive design to work on all devices.


Hosted integration

We can host your payment pages on in our secure data center. With this option, you can benefit from a single point of contact, customizable payment pages, and the PCI-DSS security standard all without any additional requirements on your side.


Integration via our API

Using our robust API, you can easily integrate the payment process that you host on your site. Full documentation and tools are available on our developer portal:


iFrame integration

Drop in our prebuilt iFrame payment form onto your website to get up and running quickly.

A one-stop platform

Your online payment hub

Our advanced solution meets the needs of all areas related to omni-channel payments: transaction processing, risk management, relationship management with banks and acquirers, data and analytics, responsive design for multi-device support, financial reconciliation and international expansion: All with a single contract and integration.
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