Expand your channels to maximize the customer experience

Your customers’ behaviors are changing and creating challenging requirements for your business.

Enhance your in-store offering while reducing storage costs thanks to interactive stations or tablets that offer access to your online inventory.

Tokenization will help develop other types of store-to-web scenarios such as online one-click payment and refund following an in-shop payment, or loyalty programs based on a bank card.

Drive in-store customer traffic

By connecting your website directly with your payment terminals via to our extensive API, you can offer numerous web-to-store scenarios to drive customer traffic to your stores. These scenarios enhance the customer journey and can increase your sales with the possibility of additional in-store sales.

Point of Sale API

Want to invest in a POS terminal park or already have one?

HiPay will help you implement an effective POS payment solution combined with your online activities by keeping your current fleet or offering you terminals that integrate with HiPay apps. These apps will allow you to benefit from all our added-value services i.e. financial reconciliation, reporting and analytics tools.


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A single platform for all your payments

Point of Sale Data Analytics

HiPay Point of Sale Data Analytics Reporting

Monitor your activity with real-time reporting

Consolidated views of your operations to quickly review all key performance indicators.

Point of Sale Reconciliation

Automate your reconciliation processes

Ease the work of your accounting teams with a real time financial reconciliation of your transactions and automatic fund allocation.
We’ll help you implement effective omnichannel strategies to give you a unified view of both your online and offline transactions.

Point of Sale 360 degree view

Develop a full 360° view of your customers

Get closer to your customers while giving them a consistent and unified purchasing experience – no matter which sales channel they are using. Analyze online and in-store habits, develop loyalty programs using a unified bank card database and closely monitor store performance.
For us, our merchants getting paid is just the beginning. We are focused on delivering insights from payments that our customers can act on to deliver real business success.

Easy set-up

Get up and running quickly with our APIs to connect your website with your payment terminals for a much lower cost than other standard solutions.

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