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Get more value from your data with HiPay Intelligence. Make it easy for your teams to explore data and discover how to optimize your business performance using an intuitive analytics tool.

More insight. Explore your business from all perspectives.

Access real time & comprehensive views of your activity across all channels: in store, online and mobile.

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Unify your data

  • Payment Data
  • E-Commerce Data - icoE-Commerce Data
  • Store Data IconStore Data
  • google analyticsGoogle Analytics

HiPay Intelligence

Answer questions
with actionable insights

  • Data visualisation
  • Business analytics
  • Key metrics
  • 50+ dashboards & reports

Dig into your payment data to
discover hidden opportunities

  • Understand the distribution of payment methods across countries
  • Get visibility on transaction lifecycles
  • Understand acquirer declines or chargebacks
  • Monitor impacts of 3DSecure on your conversion rates by device

Answer critical business questions and address strategic initiatives with actionable insights: offer new payment paths, implement specific and relevant rules to optimize fraud protection, identify technical issues that need immediate attention, and much more.

Unleash the value
of your customer base

Acquiring new customers is expensive and creating engagement is a real challenge.


See a complete 360° view of customer behavior to understand visitor conversion, predict future purchases or client churn patterns.

Easy-to-use interface

Stunning visualization options to explore data

Over 50 different chart types

Proactive notifications and alerts

Annotate reports for presentations and sharing

Schedule exports

Report customization

Support for multiple export formats (xls, json, etc.)

Configurable user rights

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