HiPay Group is eligible for the “PEA-PME” funds

Paris, France. June 29 2015, 8:00 a.m. – On its first trading day, HiPay Group (Code ISIN FR0012767150 – HIPAY), digital payments experts, confirms its eligibility for PEA-PME funds.

This eligibility complies with the Order n° 2014-283 from March the 4th applying with the article 70 of the Financial Law n° 2013-1278 for 2014 dated 29 of December 2013, fixing the eligibility for the PEA-PMA for companies as follows: less than 5 000 salaries on one side and total revenues inferior to 1.5 billion euros or the value of total assets inferior to 2 billion euros on the other side.

Next financial communication: HY results published on the 30th of July (before opening markets)

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