L’Exception, an online fashion expert, chose HiPay to grow its business internationally and to reduce fraud on its e-commerce website.

Major decision

Since its launch four years ago, L’Exception has experienced strong international growth which has translated into an 80% annual increase in the number of parcels sent. The company was looking for a partner to meet its specific payment needs: reduce fraud on its website before providing its e-shoppers with new payment solutions.

After six months of research, the e-commerce website chose HiPay.

“It was an important decision. Because of our global expansion, having several contact persons around the world was becoming impossible to manage. We needed a one-stop-shop model with a single point of contact.”

Régis Pennel, founder of L’Exception.com


As online fraud is an issue that e-commerce websites have difficulties to manage, L’Exception had to react. Fraud could have hindered the growth of the startup company, as Régis Pennel states: “Fraud represented a loss of thousands of euros on our website each year”.

In partnership with HiPay, L’Exception’s teams were able to setup by themselves the most relevant anti-fraud filters for their activity. HiPay’s Fraud Protection Service (FPS) was developed to optimize merchant sales by protecting them against fraudulent behavior without blocking real orders.

“Since the implementation of the HiPay platform in December 2014, our fraud rate significantly dropped: the number of fraudulent transactions was three times less than before. We work with HiPay’s fraud analysts on a daily basis and our fraud rate is now just a minor factor”.

After helping L’Exception.com to curb its fraud rate, HiPay also guided its client by expanding the range of currencies available on its website.



Facilitate transactions abroad

L’Exception.com wanted its customers to be able to pay in their own currency which was not possible before. “Our clients are mainly French, American, Japanese and European. All in all, we ship to more than forty countries”, says Régis Pennel.

Through a single integration, HiPay offers the most relevant local and international payment tools.

“With HiPay, integrating new currencies on our website was really easy and we quickly noticed the impact in our export sales. Our activity was already increasing, but since the implementation of the solution and thanks to some additional marketing actions in each country, our growth rate has jumped from 50% to 300%! Today, we collect payments in several currencies and the increase in export sales has even exceeded our sales growth in France”,

Régis Pennel.

In less than a year, HiPay has successfully met the objectives set by L’Exception. Besides implementing effective technical tools, the quality of customer support and the expertise of HiPay’s teams when it comes to payment issues are paramount to the success of such a project.



Expert assistance

All merchants have their own payment issues. The relationship between customers and their provider needs to be adapted and personal. At HiPay, e-tailers are assigned a dedicated team, which will handle their requests in real time and anticipate their needs.

Thanks to this level of assistance, a real proximity has been established with L’Exception. “Technical Support and Customer Service always pay attention to our needs and get back to us in less than 24 hours. What’s even more exceptional: Technical Support gives us answers almost immediately”.

To increase the performance of its e-commerce customers, HiPay also offers to each and every one of them a complete quarterly report and a follow-up on their results in the form of a Quarterly Business Review.

lexception-scheme“Meeting client’s objectives is the basis of every business relationship. Today it is essential for the payment provider to be open to improvements and for the collaboration to become a real partnership.”

Régis Pennel