chooses HiPay as payment partner for its e-commerce portal

Milan, March 14, 2017: HiPay, a Fintech company specialized in online payments, just announced its partnership with, the website dedicated to automotive products in Italy.

Born in 2004 from the experience of Matteo Russo, is a spin-off from a well-known Italian company in Milan that has been active in the world of tires for over 60 years. In recent years, the website has had significant growth confirming how effective the digital channel is even for less conventional sectors compared to classic clothes or appliances.

This new partnership will allow users of to purchase from a catalog of more than 32,000 products using the payment methods they prefer including SisalPay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Sofort. With HiPay, will be able to manage all transactions through a single interface that includes industry-leading anti-fraud protection and technical support from the Italian team of the Fintech.

Paola Trecarichi, VP of HiPay Italy, commented about the partnership: “Every day there are 30 million Italians who surf online and they are the same ones who need to change their tires at the beginning of the winter and the summer seasons. The foresight of was to “jump” into digital commerce even though the tire sector was not among the most conventional ones, but their courage has been rewarded by their results that are constantly improving. does not offer only tires, but a “Plus” because it guarantees to 30 million Italians a fast, convenient and secure purchase. In fact, thanks to the integration with HiPay, Trovagomme’s users can buy tires and the products in the catalog comfortably from their couch with a click and pay the way they want to with credit card or bank transfer or even at the tobacconist thanks to the solution SisalPay, an exclusive for HiPay’s customers. HiPay offers all major payment methods, allowing buyers to choose the closest one to their own habits and merchants can manage the flow and reconciliation from a single interface“. offers a catalog of over 32,000 unique products and more than 2 million tires in stock. All orders are automatically processed by the system that offers fast response times thanks to the several advanced logistic hubs. The portal also has an internal team dedicated to customer care during all stages of the order. In the last year, the website registered more transactions from the desktop, a significant increase in organic search and, among the most active cities of, the standouts Milan, Rome and Turin, areas where the concentration of the number of cars per family is higher. The “Academy” section has an important role in because accurate information is the basis of every purchase.
An internal editorial staff of specialists and the control of accompanying product data sheets using only official data from the manufacturer, provide a high-level quality content. Finally, users are protagonists and they have the chance to post reviews and experiences with their products.

E-commerce has become an essential sales channel if you want to develop your business, whatever it is. If we consider that, in 2016, the number of e-shoppers gained + 25% compared to 2015, an increase which also affects the value of online purchases with +23.1% for a total amount of 25.5 billion EUR , it is clear the enormous potential of this market. We chose this strategy but to have good results it was necessary to invest in innovative technologies with global support. These two fundamental points led us directly to HiPay with their single integration platform, payment expertise, anti-fraud systems and all the main preferred local payment methods, which is extremely relevant if your business needs to focus on a specific country or area” declares Matteo A. Russo, Founder of

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