HiPay Mobile launches donations through SMS

Paris, January 31st, 2017, 10 a.m.: HiPay Group (Code ISIN FR0012821916 – HIPAY), the Fintech company specialized in online payments, today announced the launch of its offer dedicated to associations to collect donations through SMS.

Since September 2016 with the « République numérique » law, it became possible to donate via SMS. The process is simple: the donor sends an SMS with the amount, limited to €10 per SMS and €20 per month, or a key word chosen by the association. This amount is automatically debited from the donor’s carrier billing or deducted from his prepaid mobile card. The law helps fundraising by reaching young people, also known as mobile power users, but also people who prefer to not provide their bank information online.

By combining its payment institution license and its partnerships with French carriers, HiPay created a custom-made solution to meet the needs of associations and foundations. Via its Premium Services solution, HiPay Mobile guides them in the settlement of their projects with the AFMM (French Association for Mobile Multimedia) and carriers providing 100% of the technical integration of the service. Associations can easily manage their campaigns and analyze their results via their own dashboard.

Among the associations which have already launched this offer, SOS Villages d’Enfants association who helps children at risk, explains: “Fundraising via SMS has been a proven collection channel in Anglo-Saxon countries for several years now. It can be a new way to interact with donors based on the rise of smartphones. It was an opportunity we wanted to try during the “high season” for communication and fundraising.” François-Xavier Deler adds “HiPay gave us all the necessary support and expertise to launch such an ambitious project.”

Other associations are planning to integrate fundraising via SMS with HiPay, as is the case of Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France and the Telethon. “Donations through SMS will facilitate and reinforce the fundraising for associations. Being able to make donations easily without communicating banking information is great step forward. HiPay’s teams are proud to contribute to the development of this new donation channel serving all forms of charity.” concludes Franck Zerbib, HiPay Mobile Director.

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