Who are we?

We’re curious

We want to understand our customer’s businesses so we can better help them.

We’re analytical

We understand the power of data to help our customers get closer to their customers.

We’re supportive

We are here to help our customers understand the opportunity they have.

HiPay Expertise

What we do

Expertise in payments

Combined with our next generation platform, we help our customers grow their business with:

– International development
– Fraud protection
– Omni-channel rollout
– Conversion rate optimization
– Increased revenues

Our mission

HiPay’s core activities are based upon our three main strengths

HiPay Expertise

Our expertise

HiPay Innovation

Our innovative technology

HiPay Optimization

Our constant search for optimization

We are payments experts.
For us, our customers getting paid is just the beginning. We are focused on delivering insights from payments that our customers can act on to deliver real business success.